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    Holiday Train Exhibit Features World's Greatest Landmarks

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    For the holiday season this year, the US Botanic Garden has a holiday model train exhibit featuring world's greatest landmarks.

    The United States botanic garden in Washington D.C. is a gorgeous living plant museum that has been delighting and awing visitors since it was established in 1820.

    For the holiday season this year, staffers announced a gorgeous fantasy train display that has been placed in the East Gallery. The track, which measures approximately 800 feet spans around stunning surroundings including a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

    The model train zooms around the track on several levels, giving viewers a sneak peak as it moves past the various displays.

    The whole conservatory is intricately decorated and the tropical plants and flowers act as gorgeous, colorful backdrops to the train. Logs serve as tunnels for the scaled trains to barrel through.

    The trains weave around beautiful exhibits and through cut out holes in natural conifer trees. It’s a never-ending job keeping up with the train for a perfect photo opportunity.

    Single train cars are also planted around the track, operating both forwards and backwards around the same exhibits.

    What do you think of the conservatory's model train exhibit?