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    Mandela's Global imprint

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    As South Africa reacts to Nelson Mandela’s death, people further afield have been reflecting on his political imprint across a continent.

    A man from Nairobi, Kenya recounts to euronews his memories of Mandela.

    “We have lost a great deal in the international political field and I will urge the African leaders to emulate the late Nelson Mandela, though it is rare to have one if there is any I do not see who is comparable to the late Nelson Mandela.”

    People may well struggle to find a comparable contemporary, a mantra of reconciliation over retribution set Mandela apart

    A pastor in Democratic republic of Congo praises the lessons that can still be gleamed from the life of South Africa’s first black president.

    “He didn’t try to take revenge after his time in prison so it’s a lesson for white people, a model of non-segregation. He never wanted to make a difference between white and black, everyone was human.”

    Internationally Mandela has long been championed for transitioning South A