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    5 Craziest Dining Experiences From Around the World

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    5 unique and strange ways to eat your food originated in places around the world like India, Japan, Europe, and the U.S.

    Are you tired of the mundane? Then here are 5 unusual dining experiences from around the world.

    Number 5 - In the Sky – Taking your food and you to new heights, a crane and platform suspend you and 21 other guests 50 meters in the air at any approved location for up to 8 hours.

    Number 4 - Among Graves – While finding a table and seat to savor your to-die-for milk tea and butter rolls, be careful not to trip on the actual graves, which create a more somber ambiance.

    Number 3 - In the Dark – You may miss spotting hair in your food, but your senses of touch, taste, smell, and hearing are enhanced as you’re served and guided by blind wait staff in a pitch-black room.

    Number 2 - From Toilet Bowls – For those who can’t get enough of mixing bathroom humor and food, sit on your toilet chair and indulge in a big toilet-shaped bowl of steaming hot “golden poop.”

    Number 1 - In Outer Space - a dining experience literally out of this world. After 7 days of not being able to taste anything as your body adjusts to weightlessness, you finally taste your floating food while enjoying the planetary view.