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    Device Sucks Wine From Bottle Without Opening Cork

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The Coravin device is a surgical needle that sucks the wine straight out of the bottle eliminating the need to remove the cork.

    A new invention is perfect for those who think it takes too long to open a bottle of wine. The device utilizes a surgical needle that sucks the alcohol straight out of the bottle.

    There is absolutely no need to remove the cork at all. Called the Coravin, one simply places the gadget on top of the bottle. At the tip of the Coravin, there is a hollow needle, about 2 millimeters thick, that can easily be pushed right though the cork.

    Once the bottle is pressurized with a non-toxic gas, known as argon, the wine gets pulled into the needle and can be easily poured into a glass. When the Coravin is removed from the bottle, the cork reseals itself, which means the remaining wine left inside the glass container doesn't make contact with oxygen, so it can be fully enjoyed, without a reduction in flavor at a later time.

    The entire process to extract and pour the wine takes less than a minute. The inventor of Coravin stated “It expands your opportunity to explore wines of any vintage, variety, winemaker, or wine growing region you desire, all by the glass.”