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    Archean Soundtrack - "Hearts and Cards" A BlankTV World Premiere!


    by BlankTV

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    Archean Soundtrack - "Hearts and Cards" A BlankTV World Premiere!

    Artist city, country: London, England, UK

    Artist Biography: Alternative Rock/Hip-Hop Quintet from London.
    On a constant to find new ground from genres they love to write.
    Regularly jumping around stages on tour. January 2014. Seize these moments.

    About The Video: Shot with no budget in a friendly squatters building.
    They don't own the building, but we're having to go back and re-plaster a wall that Jonny jumped into mid-shot. Yep, it was completely battered... Oops!

    Director Name: Duncan Guymer
    Director Link:


    Song Lyrics: What are you expecting from me?
    I can't kill time to be with you; you don't matter enough.

    Beneath the soil sprouts turmoil; I recoil and I shudder at the thought.
    I dictate my mistakes,
    At this rate it takes a miracle to ever halt my course.
    Cause I whisper my words, not knowing their a curse,
    With teeth to come bite me and invite me in a hearse.
    My thoughts seemed perverse, my vision is now blurred,
    Please someone get me to church and bless the water from my purge,
    Cause I am losing my religion,
    Second guessing my decisions,
    Always switching, never listening.

    And I'm back retracting,
    Back to this act that I can't stop acting.
    How could I be knowing that I'm wanting what I shouldn't be,
    But I'm unsettled and dishevelled when it's you and me.
    How green is the grass? Or is it glass?
    A harsh mirage that will cut you with the shards.
    Stuck in a boys game.
    Real hearts ain't cards,
    But this is a lesson that I'll learn real fast.
    Cause Oh my Oh my, the snake sure got bite.
    Take the ball from their court, you get it back with spite.
    I remember that day when you walked by, so sly,
    Offering a good time with good lines; good try.

    I caught back the breath you stole.

    How can I hope to ease my mind?
    I could kill time with a better line.
    Take me away from your stare, I'm not meant to be here,
    But it's just the same old me.

    And so I cave, I'm going through the motions again and again,
    Intoxicated by your potions.
    I know where this is going, I can read it like chapters:
    1: award winning sex like Bafta's
    2: but then we learn each others moves
    3: and your baggage gets heavy
    4: so Im heading to the door at 5 to conclude that it was a big waste of time (yup)
    Once again my mistake,
    And while you sleep I wanna creep because I'm wide awake/
    Why I get in then I try to escape, I will never know
    I guess I'll say it when I gain control that...

    I caught back the breath you stole.

    If I could get back,
    Get back my time.
    I wouldn't choose you.
    Cause I've been here before,
    The wrong side of the door.
    All this I knew.

    The promises we break are the only things that make me feel awake.


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