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Runnin Dying To Live

il y a 11 ans3.4K views



I wonder if they'll laugh when I am dead...

Why am I fighting to live
If I'm just living to fight?
Why am I trying to see
When there ain't nothing in sight?
Why am I trying to give
When no one gives me a try?
Why am I dying to live
If I'm just living to die?

Check it!

I grew up, a fuckin screw-up
Got introduced to the game,
Got a ounce and fuckin blew up
Choppin rocks overnight
The nigga Biggie Smalls
Tryin to turn into the black Frank White
We had to grow dreads
To change our description
Two cops is on the milk box, "Missing"
Show they toes, you know they got stepped on
A fist full of bullets, a chest full of teflon
Run from the police, picture that
Nigga i'm too fat
I fuck around and catch a asthma attack
That's why i bust back, it don't phase me
When he drop, take his glock
And i'm swayze
Celebrate my escape
Sold the glock, bought some weight
Laid back, i got some money to make,
Mother fucker!

I wonder if they'll laugh when I am dead...

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Runnin Dying To Live
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