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    Salman Khan To Host Koffee With Salman

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    The most eligible bachelor of Bollywood, Salman Khan finally marked his presence on Karan Johar's on-going season of 'Koffee With Karan'. And well, apart from launching the opening episode, the actor undoubtedly seemed to be at his witty best, shedding unexpected answers regarding ex girlfriends, contemporaries, marriage and more. However, amidst some playful conversations, what picked our interest this time is when Salman revealed his plans to host Koffee With Salman! Yes you heard that right! Apparently, having initiated some naughty, vulgar talks regarding a cheesy pick up line, Karan seemed to have gone totally off track elaborating the details of the naughty subject! And that's when Salman took charge by claiming Karan needs a break, he is over with this, Koffee with Salman sounds better so let's do it! Well well, this time it might have been a casual claim but you never know, may be sometime later! Words never go wasted right?