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    WEB NEWS - Obama defends healthcare reform

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    Today on the net: Barack Obama defending his healthcare reform; a press freedom campaign in Syria; and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet’s mayoral campaign poster.
    Obama defends healthcare reform
    Barack Obama assures citizens the healthcare reform website is now working properly. The US government had set a deadline for last Saturday to repair and overhaul the platform, used by Americans to register for subsidized healthcare insurance. Ever since it was launched two months ago, the federal site has been plagued with all sorts of technical problems fueling criticism of the so called Obamacare.
    But although there are still some ongoing glitches in the system with some social networkers reporting they are still unable to access the portal or complete their application, the Obama administration claims to be very happy with the improvements made. The developers of the site say it should now be able to handle 50 000 people using it at the same time, and that there were one million connections on Monday alone.
    So for Washington the technical bugs on are now a thing of the past and they must now make up for lost time. The authorities have been posting messages to social networks aiming to convince as many Americans as possible to sign up before the December 23 deadline to start receiving coverage from January 1st.
    Press freedom campaign in Syria

    20 media outlets in Syria have united to launch a press freedom campaign in the country. They have posted a statement on their “Free Press for Syria” website; explaining how the media is intimidated, threatened and abused by Jihadi armed groups and the Syrian regime, and they are seeking improved working c... Go on reading on our web site.

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