US halts shipments from Afghanistan through Pakistan

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The US military suspends shipments of equipment out of Afghanistan through Pakistan, citing protests that pose a risk to truck drivers. Duration: 1:36

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Good cut off the Nazi's supply lines like what was done to them in WW2.

YES, I do infer that the Americans are the new 1000 year Reich like they the Nazi's promised.

The Nazi's never stopped being the Nazi's at the end of the war. they moved to country's like Argentina and put what wealth they stole into creating money from companies that they created, to sell diamonds and gold, now those corporate entities run companies on all continents of the world or are influential in those corporate head quarters because that's is how they have operated to make the Americans apart of their own war machine, and a big part are companies like Google who sell shares that do not have any say in the finality of how things are run when corporate board meetings with proxy share holders can influence final say on how companies are run, now all those entities that have all the proxy votes are the "children's children" of Nazi's.

There are witness testimonies that support that a lot of high ranking Nazi's were in Argentina.
By Frank blackcrow last year