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    CGR Undertow - EDGE review for Nintendo Wii U


    by CGRundertow

    EDGE review. Shop CGR shirts & mugs! Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of EDGE on the eShop for the Nintendo Wii U developed by mobigame and published by Two Tribes. Combine Q*bert and BIT*TRIP with a little plane geometry, and voila! You’ve got EDGE. The popular mobile puzzler has made its way to Nintendo’s eShop, and it feels right at home. Players flip a cube through more than 100 levels, each one an obstacle course built from basic shapes. It looks simple, but the levels are in a state of constant motion, with switches that trigger hidden bridges and platforms and conveyor belts. The levels are like LEGO structures being put together by invisible hands. Collect the glowing cubes and get to the exit as fast as you can to get the highest grade possible. Your first run through a level is to learn it and work your way toward that one perfect run. The Wii U version includes off-screen play on the GamePad, as well as all the levels from the EDGE expansion. EDGE is a single-player puzzle-platformer. This video review features video gameplay footage of EDGE on the eShop for the Nintendo Wii U and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.