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    Richard Orlinski- SUMO


    by BORN.COM

    After featuring the best innovations from various other websites on this blog, we’re excited to finally present the very first project on BORN – our very own premium funding platform. It has just been launched and expectations for the starting project are understandably high. Luckily, stepping up to bat, is the renowned French artist Richard Orlinski and he looks set to smash it out of the stadium with a fittingly monumental idea for a sculpture.

    Just to whet the appetite: It involves a giant sumo wrestler, the rejection of consumerism and cutting-edge design techniques. And every single backer of this outrageous art piece receives an exclusive piece from Orlinksi – one of Europe’s rising creative starlets. If you want to know all the details and get in at the ground floor of a groundbreaking new platform BORN.COM