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    How to enlarge your breasts

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    Had enough of your small chest? And yet you don’t want to opt for surgery and all of the dangers that go with it… The implant scandal really makes you think, but are there real methods to augment cup size without operations or breast implants? Karine will show you different methods for enlarging your breasts naturally. To augment the size of your breasts and increase your bra cup size, try massaging your breasts for 15 minutes every night with brewer’s yeast or shea butter, and take a cold shower. But beware, thesemethods are not guaranteed. You could also put cotton or a silicone insert into your bra, or take a birth-control pill. Finally, the 100% natural trick for enlarging your breasts is to get pregnant! Interpretedwith talent by Claire Butard et Thom Trondel.