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    UK Social Services Takes Child From Womb

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    Social services in Essex, UK performed an involuntary caesarian section on a woman and took her baby.

    Social services in Essex, UK performed a caesarian section on a woman without her consent and forcibly took her baby.

    They assert that due to the mother’s mental state it was best for both her and the child and after 15 months have not reunited the family.

    The agency’s actions came after the woman, who is an Italian national and was in the UK for a training course at Stansted airport, suffered an apparent mental breakdown and was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

    Her family contends she suffered a panic attack due to her inability to take her bipolar medication.

    When she attempted to leave the hospital she was restrained under the country’s Mental Health Act.

    It was at that time the agency received a court order allowing them to take the baby.

    As the woman was heavily sedated at the time she was unaware of what was transpiring.

    Upon waking after the procedure she was told her child had been taken into the agency’s custody.

    She has since hired lawyers and the fight to be reunited with her child continues.

    Many in the legal community have expressed their shock and outrage, some saying this is among the most extreme cases of family rights abuse they’ve ever witnessed.