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    Fats Waller Ain't misbehavin' -

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

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    Ain't misbehavin' Waller
    A soundie of Fats Waller and his Rhythm.
    Soundies were a brand new form of entertainment conceived in early 1940, born in January 1941 and then suffered a lingering demise mid-way through 1947. They were three minute black and white films with an optical soundtrack designed to be shown on self-contained, coin-operated 16mm rear projection machines situated in bars, diners, nightclubs, roadhouses and other public places throughout the States and Canada
    Soundies were very popular. Because of wartime production shortages the Panoram machines used for projction were no longer manufactured.
    However the soundies captured on film mny superb musicans in their peak period.