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Le matin du 4 décembre 2007, le rappeur Pimp C de UGK a été retrouvé mort dans sa chambre de l'hôtel Mondrian de Los Angeles. Rest In Peace.

Pimp C, one-half of the veteran Houston rap group UGK, was found dead in an upscale hotel on December 4,2007. R.I.P

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:Ha Awesome, Thankyou very much :=)
Par summer1qr Il y a 4 ans
J Prince, whassup The Living Reginald Lewis, Why Should FUck Boys and Squares get the rap game, I will not let Pac die in Vain, I will Not Let Biggie Be remembered as a lame, I don't ride both sides, I recognize real, so if u criticize look in my eyes, U see the tears I cried for both, Yall niggas still toasting and them fuck niggas still living, Im Baiting bull shit, cause my cousin in South Central Died Banging, God is Good I know the man by my side, Bitch I Ride, Bitch nigga I don't Hide, Saw Paulina Grande, I said Suprise, No Espouso, I said Mamacita now Im alive, I still strive, I still Hide my pain, see the veins connected to my brain, can't end it, cause As Powerful as Jesus de Cristo was, he didnt Kurt Cobain it, So fUCK THE cOBAIN way, I work it out, Like Unk, So my Nieces and Nephews can Love Unc, To My Family I Love Yall Siempre, To My Enemies, Yall need to repent, in dollars and cents, to My Future WIfe, I put you on my level, To My Future Enemies KILL YA SELF. Guapa, I si!
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
Par lawrencetownsend Il y a 6 ans