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    DC Movie Future Going Low Budget?


    by ClevverMovies

    Batman & Superman Just Beginning Of DC Movie Future

    When it comes to superhero movies on the big screen, it's clear that DC has a lot of catching up to do against rival Marvel, but could lesser known characters be the secret to their success? Fans are eagerly anticipating seeing two of their favorite DC characters on the big screen together when Superman and Batman hit theaters in 2015 for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel and the stars of the film have recently have spoken out about the project. New Batman, Ben Affleck, was asked by Entertainment Weekly how he felt when he first put on the suit. Though he said it was too soon to discuss the role, he did praise Snyder for his vision of the project and said he's very excited about the direction he's taking it and ultimately it will be Snyder who will make the movie work or not. Despite many fans still having doubts about Affleck being cast as the new Batman, his co-star Henry Cavill is sure he'll be fantastic and will bring his own style to the role. But what other characters could we see from the DC Universe in the sequel? Cavill points out possible clues that appeared as Easter Eggs in Man of Steel. There was of course the Wayne Enterprises satellite that teased the introduction of Bruce Wayne slash Batman. There were also several references to LexCorp and though Cavill says he has no knowledge of whether or not Lex Luthor will appear in the Batman/Superman movie, he is confident that Lex will be introduced soon. But the Easter Egg Cavill is most excited about is Dr. Emil Hamilton's connection to S.T.A.R. Labs saying, "Cyborg, I think, would make a wonderful character and an incredible bridge between both superhumans and humanity in a different way to Batman. So I don't know where he's going to come in or if he's going to come in, but that's one I'm particularly excited about. Other references I'm not too sure on, but we'll see where those lead. Those with keen eyes will see them." One of those "other references" that was teased in Man of Steel is Booster Gold. Blaze Comics, the fictional publisher of Booster Gold comics was seen during Superman's battle with Zod and Booster Gold has been mentioned as a character that could one day get their own low budget movie. Bleeding Cool reports that Warner Bros is eyeing lesser known DC characters like Booster Gold to expand the universe in low budget films that would be released in the Fall and Spring. Other characters reportedly being eyed to get the low budget treatment include Suicide Squad, Deathstroke and Team 7. The budgets for these films would fall in the $20 to $40 million dollar range. Significantly less than the $225 million that Man of Steel reportedly cost. So, do you think releasing low budget superhero films could help DC gain some footing against Marvel and which characters would be a good fit? Head over to Facebook or Twitter @ClevverMovies and share your picks and don't forget to follow us while you're there. Until next time, I'm Erin Robinson, thanks for watching!

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