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Villa Savoye

4 years ago112 views

copyright 2013 Lisa B. Falour, B.S., M.B.A.
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Mr. Jeanneret was Swiss-born and became known in France as "Le Corbusier." In 1917, when he established himself in Paris, he abandoned convention. This house in Poissy, France was commissioned around 1931 by the Savoye family as a country place they called "les Heures Claires." Using modern, innovative concepts, it did quickly develop structural problems, and was occupied by German, then American troops, who ruined it. Abandoned by the 1960s, it was only saved by some prominent architects who argued to Poissy, not too far from Paris, that it ought to be preserved. You can visit it, and on the first Sunday of the month, entrance is free. There is a guided tour in French.

The area used to be more rural. A husband, wife and son lived here with a servant as well as a driver, who had an apartment in the house, and a gardener's house was built which could house a family of three. It is possible to get here via public transportation, but a car is better. Since cars were already important by 1931, the place was designed so they could drive right up easily and even park under the first floor. The grounds are still pretty, and inside, it's very simple and white. The house has ramps inside and out as well as spiral stairs.