Classic Game Room - GYRUSS review for Atari 2600

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Gyruss Atari 2600 review. Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs & gear! Classic Game Room reviews GYRUSS for Atari 2600 from Parker Brothers released in 1984, based on the amazing 1983 Konami arcade game! Gyruss is a lot of game for the Atari 2600 to handle and it shows, but it still plays and rocks the old school (off key) beat in the process!


You use the joystick.
By Brighat B last year
Is this version played with the joystick or the driving controller?
By ddlyheadshot last year
A real gem from the early days of gaming. Yeah it has it's flaws, but considering the time-frame they're pretty excusable. Pretty much every game created was a leap forward into unknown territory.

At the very least, the game made great use of the 2600's color palate, so even if the game-play is a tad lackluster, it certainly looks good while it does it's thing. Another superb review CGR! Rock on!
By Maklarr8000 last year