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    Akshay Kumar The Real 'BOSS' of Fitness in Bollywood | Bipasha Basu


    by TheBollywoodShow

    HCG Pinkathon , India’s first ever multi city 10km run for women, announced the completion of 10,000 Registerations this year across four cities Bangalore,New Delhi,Pune and Mumbai. The stunning Bipasha Basu, a pink sister, has extended her support to the event for the second consecutive year. Expressing her support to second edition of ‘HCG Pinkathon â€" Run to lead’ Bipasha Basu said, “It gives me immense pride and joy to join 10,000 women in support of a noble endeavour like HCG Pinkathon for the second year. I believe each of us need to be conscious and watchful against a condition like breast cancer all the time. HCG Pinkathon is doing something praiseworthy when it comes to spreading awareness and educating women about causes and prevention through the run. I am looking forward to supporting the cause and congratulate Mumbaikars for doing the same”.
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