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    Ek Tara Bole

    Video Manoranjan

    by Video Manoranjan

    Man can learn any number of good qualities from animals, birds, insects and worms. The animal, donkey is viewed with contempt. But the quality of patience to be found in a donkey is not found even in man. Whatever burdens may be heaped on its back, it bears them all with forbearance. Even when it is starved of food and water, it presents a calm face. Man has thus to learn the quality of forbearance from the donkey. The ant is one of the tiniest among insects. But the ant has a capacity for foresight; with foreknowledge of the rainy season ahead, it starts storing food from three months in advance. Then, there is the spider - Determination is one of its traits. How many times its web may be destroyed or broken, the spider will go on remaking it with relentless determination