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    Kidnapped Squirrel Finally Back Home in Utah

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    A squirrel from Utah is now back home after being kidnapped by a truck driver.

    There is no animal, big or small, that doesn’t deserve a shot at a full life.

    A squirrel that originated in Utah is now back home after being kidnapped by a truck driver.

    The big rig operator reportedly found the creature at a rest stop near the state border. The driver decided to put the female squirrel in a box and take her to Wisconsin. She was then handed over to a family in Madison to be kept as a pet.

    However things didn’t work out as expected. After about 2 months of taking care of her, as best they could, the relatives brought the squirrel to a wildlife sanctuary, as they realized she wasn’t exactly an ideal domestic animal.

    Workers at the facility soon concluded the Uinta ground squirrel would not survive at her newest home because the species doesn’t naturally frequent Wisconsin. Instead of giving up on the small creature, staffers contacted the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah and arranged plans to send her back to her native ground, just in time for the holiday season.

    The yet to be named squirrel has since arrived at the facility and she is doing great.