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    Aston Villa and Sunderland, the result of the Premier League week#13

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    11 จำนวนการรับชม
    Aston Villa opened the home stadium this weekend to welcome Sunderland at the result of 0 and 0 (more at ). The English Premier League table ranking for Aston Villa this week went up just a little bit, from rank of 12 to 11 and currently has 16 point. 1 position behind Hull City. Possession, during the, Aston Villa had 51% and 49% of Sunderland. Although Aston Villa possessed 51% of the play but failed to score. The opponent team, Sunderland, had a chance to retaliate, but was unable to score. In consequence of this the Shin duel battle two foreign teams, prestige fight for faction did not. Fierce fighting too much until perform a duel very often stumble over the Shin during a game, both teams have to play out of the game and make the ฟาล์ว a total of 26 times by the side of the team. Aston Villa 14 times by party and belongs to the Sunderland 12 times in a duel with Shin, playing out of the game and made a lot of fouls. Committee has been dealing with the yellow card, all counted as 3, 2 Aston Villa 2, and and 1 for Sunderland No red card was given in this match