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    General Electrics - Facing That Void

    Club Love

    by Club Love

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    General Electrics belongs to those bands, which cannot be classified in a specific style. RV draws with the same urgency from the pop music, the hip-hop, the electronic music, the soul and jazz. In this respect, Juju by Wayne Shorter fascinates him as much as Billy Jean by Michael Jackson, these influences extending from David Bowie to Stevie Wonder.

    With a very modest data processing equipment, RV mixes retro with electro, destroys and rebuilds, strokes then ill-treats sounds. Alternating instrumental with vocal tunes, RV achieves radical collages with Hip Hop, electronic and soul/funk music. “Cliquety Kliqk” is the outcome of this permanent mixture between “vintage” keyboard and electronic treatment.

    The result is a “modern” sound carrying with it the respect for the masters... which also is a visual experience, “Facing That Void” comes along with a fabulous video in tow!