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    The Nova Dream Sequence - Dream 4

    Club Love

    by Club Love

    Video by Daniel Potthast
    Bricolage Mulitmedia

    On "Interpretations: The Nova Dream Sequence," King Britt devised a project involving soul-invigorating instrumental trance (and some techno) that he envisioned through various "Dreams" and numbered 1 through 15.

    The CD caters to the lounge crowd even though many of the tracks have an infectious and pulsating, hard-driving sound.

    And yet while the upbeat melodies along with the prolonged beat sets could play relatively well in a club, I think that the music would be much more appreciated and appropriate when geared towards sitting down and schmoozing as opposed to dancing.

    Plus, the "interpretations" are without any unnecessary esoteric diversions in the form of too many lyrics.