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    Bob's game (from inside "bob's game") - for OUYA and PC


    by planetlotb


    It's the greatest game ever made! The legendary 'bob's game' puzzle game (from inside the "bob's game" RPG) is coming to OUYA and PC!

    The legendary bob's game is the final game from the infamous homebrew Action-RPG "bob's game" (a game about the puzzle game- note the double quotes!).

    bob's game is a multiplayer puzzle game- but not just any puzzle game, every puzzle game!

    The rules of bob's game change in real time as you play it, morphing from game to game and making every round completely unique.

    bob's game is completely customizable, allowing the player to create in-depth rulesets to mimic existing puzzle games or create entirely new ones to add to the online library- making it an ideal game for the OUYA platform. (and PC/Mac/Linux, of course!)

    Create your own puzzle modes! Invent custom rulesets or challenge your friends to a sequence of all your favorite games. Compete in an online world championship and improve your skills to reach the top of the public leaderboard.

    bob's game is constantly evolving with new theme packs, new rules, and user-designed puzzle packs.