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    United Kingdom Talk LIVE Saturday 30th November 2013

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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    Saturday's at 12pm Midday GMT (UK Time) by skype"chrisreardon" or
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    The Welsh can sing.
    Happy Birthday Stacey.
    A new slow cooker.
    Retirement village.
    Dr Who.
    Short video's everyday at :
    How much chilli ?
    A mini holiday.
    I like Asda in the early morning.
    Burning sausages.
    Danny , Terry, Merlin & Gavin on the phone.
    Happy people on the till.
    Cyber John - how quickly can you say the rosary ?
    Virgin Active Wokingham - goodbye.
    Young people in Kavos on holiday.
    The pool at the Hilton Hotel, Bracknell.
    Don't let anyone move in "for a few days".
    Guest passes ? But I've got no friends.
    Twitter chrisreardonuk