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    Chicago Slim Blues Band c.1980


    by checker758

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    Slim old me a lot of guitars and lobby cards from the Guitar Asylum on Sheridan. I never even knew he played harp, just slide. He was a cranky cuss but I miss him
    By CamaticLast year
    Bass Player with Chicago Slim in this video is NOT Ramblin Roger, it's Thom Mitz. He was playing with the Chicago Slim Blues Band as an opening act for big names at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago, early 1965+. I was there and I was closely connected at the time. These guys had gigs all over Chicago and toured a bit too.
    By BellaBlues3 years ago
    I played bass for the Chicago Slim Band from 1966 off,and on through the 1990s. I believe the bassman on this video is Tom Mitz. He worked with the band in the 1980s. Ramblin' Roger was also the bassman on the "Love Me Or I'll Kill Ya'" album.
    We were also the Bloodline Blues Band featuring Chicago Slim in the 1990s. Check out
    By thebottomend7 years ago
    The original video is still at Triton College as far as I know. They have rebroadcast it on their public access cable TV channel a number of times over the years.
    By checker7587 years ago
    Who has the original video, do you????
    By tracy20087 years ago
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