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    Europe's Pessimistic Vision for the Future


    by FORA TV

    Europe's Pessimistic Vision for the Future
    Quartz - Bohemian National Hall
    Welcome to Jakarta, the world's most active Twitter city
    The physical and virtual worlds are converging. Consider Jakarta, which is the world's number one Twitter city in terms of posted tweets, mostly because people in traffic jams have nothing better to do. In addition to coming online, the next billion are moving into cities, which will require massive investments in both physical and digital infrastructure. What does all this mean? Quartz hosts a talk show-style discussion featuring leading designers, technologists and futurists to explore the challenges and opportunities of wired cities.

    Chinedu Echeruo, HopStop
    Ulrich Quay, BMW iVentures
    Martin Varsavsky, Fon
    Steve Clemons, The Atlantic (Moderator)