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    Fight For Living Wages Ends In 26 Black Friday Arrests

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    26 people were arrested Friday during the “March to end Poverty Wages,” the culmination of a week of Black Friday actions pressing for better pay and working conditions and the right to organize for retail, janitorial and other low-wage workers in Minnesota. Friday’s afternoon’s march along University Avenue, which circled the Midway Super Target and Walmart stores, drew a crowd estimated at anywhere between 400 to about 1,000 people who marched to the intersection Snelling and University Avenues — the busiest intersection in the Twin Cities. It was in the intersection, on the busiest shopping day of the year, that 26 workers and supporters locked arms and sat in the street, waiting to be arrested by the St. Paul police.

    The arrests marked a dramatic end to a week of actions fighting for low-income workers. More at The UpTake: Distributed by