My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 3, "The Ticket Master"

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Princess Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle two tickets for the upcoming exclusive Grand Galloping Gala. Upon learning of the tickets, each of Twilight's new friends insists they should be the one to go with Twilight, and start giving her special treatment to earn her favor. Unwilling to pick any one friend over another, she politely returns the tickets to the princess. To everyone's surprise, the princess replies by sending back enough tickets for Twilight and all her friends.


The Gala that they mention throughout this episode; is it the same one they go to in Episode 26/the "Best Night Ever" episode? Thought so. Oh, yeah, apologies, Jonny, I know I shouldn't but I really can't help it. I'll stop now.
By Arioch Starr January
By Jokerbrony October
That ticket really should've been mine...
By Rainbow Dash October
sunny my bad
By Carlyworthy April
and the when twilight hose back out side with AJ it's subnet
By Carlyworthy April
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