Justin Bieber & Liam Payne Show Off Underwear - Top 5 Fridays

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Which Hollywood hottie has a habit of showing off their underwear? We are counting down the top 5 celebrities that need a belt...or a better belt because their pants sag. Find out who tops the list.
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Happy Friday, everyone! Today on the Top 5, we're talking about celebrity "saggers"... -- whether you like it or not, you know that we're talking about those dudes who wear their pants on the ground. -- it's a trend that hit part of Hollywood and we're breaking down the list of those guys who do it best.

Starting off the countdown is our friend Ross Lynch. -- Yes, guys, he does dip his pants low and I'm just thinking that he may have been inspired by the lyrics of Pass Me By -- So Ross might not go to the extremes with the low dip, but when he chooses to partake, he always flashes us his bright pink boxers. He says that he always wears them -- pink is his favorite color -- and we choose to believe that Ross has more than one pair.

At number-4 on our Top Hollywood Pant Saggers List, it's another musician -- We're talking about One Direction's Liam Payne. -- OK, Directioners, don't get mad, we love all of the guys, but Liam is especially good at the pants drop -- He can even DANCE like this, it's insane! Plus, he's been known to sag waaaay low and show a whole lot of... -- well, Louis actually says it best here on the Jonathan Ross Show. Note to self -- and by self I mean not me, guys out there are you listening this is for you. -- Don't go commando when attempted a pant sag. Be sure to wear underwear. Liam, for teaching us a lesson, you're on the Top 5.

Coming in a number 3 is Zac Efron. -- That's right, the sagging police caught this dude a few times with his well-loved Calvin Kleins peeking out from under his cargo shorts. -- and the next pair of Calvins that Zac was rocking was while he was listening to some tunes on his ipad in his free time... -- and even though we can't see his boxers in this last photo, we are 110-percent confident that we know the brand hiding out under there... -- so ladies, if you ever want to buy Zac some underwear, now you know exactly what to buy.

In our runner-up position for today's Top 5, this is a guy who sags more often than not. -- Some may call him the prince of pop, but we think Justin Bieber deserves to be called something else related to his pant drop. -- **insert graphic that says Justin Bieber's nickname should be (fill in the blank) - with elevator music... if this is weird, feel free to leave out-- He shows off his boxer briefs on the reg, from when he's working out to hitting the town to just hanging around -- but he even chooses to class-it-up on tour by simply wearing drop-crotch pants for nearly each wardrobe change. -- First, no shirt, now this? Justin, are you having a hard time keeping your clothes on?

Okay, so it's time for the number-1 pant sagging celeb. -- Or perhaps I should say celebrities. -- Congrats to the Janoskians!! So these dudes can be caught with lower-than-normal pants from time to time while they're tearing up the world with pranks for YouTube. But most recently, the guys actually stopped by our studio for an interview -- and they literally dropped their pants to the ground. Yes, dropped their pants to the ground. -- Beau and Jai took the lead this time, but the entire group of five guys is known to do this regularly... including when the Janoskians presented at the Much Music Awards. -- For their bravery and balls when in the public eye, they earned the top spot when it comes to famous pant saggers.
Thanks so much for checking out ClevverTV. -- Make sure you subscribe right now for all of your entertainment news update. -- I'm Dana Ward and I want to know your Top 5 Pant Saggers, leave a comment below. -- And let us know what list you want us to take on next. -- Have an awesome weekend, everyone, bye!
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