Russian Robot to Revolutionize Space Work

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Russia has introduced a new robotic helper for its cosomonauts.

It's a roughly human shaped robot called SAR-401. It would work outside of a spacecraft while being controlled by a human on the inside of the craft wearing an electronic control suit.


The SAR-401 was presented at Russia's Cosmonaut Training center, in Star City on Wednesday.

The idea is for the human controller to be located inside a spaceship, while the robot completes tasks in open space. The creators believe that the robot will be able to work, even when controlled from Earth.

SOUNDBITE(RUSSIAN):IGOR SAKHIN, Deputy Head of Scientific Department in Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center

"Why the idea of anthropomorphic robot is attractive? It easily adapts to the space station environment, that's been specifically crafted for humans. That's why using unique abilities of human, I mean nature's wonder like human's hand, nothing better was created, and having adapted a grip movement, the robot can perform nearly any operation that can be carried out by humans."

According to scientists, the robot will be capable to accomplish 90 percent of open-space tasks.
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Producer : Xinhua News Agency