DJ Thes-Man Ft. Lady Lebz - You Couldn't Stay (Dub Mix)

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DJ Thes-Man feat. Lady Lebz
You Couldn't Stay EP
Ata 2061
Format: digital
Barcode: 5060199562623

01 Original Mix
02 Dub Mix
03 Dub Instrumental
04 Instrumental

Composed by DJ Thes-Man, written by Lady Lebz. Vocals by Lady Lebz. Published by Atal Music.

Produced and arranged by DJ Thes-Man.

Design & Lay out:

Ata 2061 LC 14200 All rights of the producer and copyright owner reserved. Unauthorized copying, re-recording, broadcasting, public performance, hiring or rental of this recording in whatever manner is strictly prohibited. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by (p) 2013 Atal Music (c) 2013 Atal Music - Housecrate : A selection of the Deep House finest from raw Chicago and New Jersey sounds to Garage, French Touch and Downtempo. Subscribe to receive all our video updates.

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