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    Revealed | Tanisha, Gauhar Are Highest Paid In Bigg Boss 7

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    by Bollywood Live

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    Much-hyped controversial show Bigg Boss 7 has definitely become the talk of town, thanks to the full fledged drama offered by our celebrity contestants! However, ever wondered if the inmate tussles, link up stories, abuses are for real or simply reel? Are Tanisha and Armaan really in love? Is Gauhar truly more than good friends with Kushal? Is Andy so emotional in real too? Well, not really viewers! Seems like the audience is simply being manipulated! Apparently, our buzzing bee has grabbed an exclusive glimpse from the Bigg Boss 7 official contract which also sports the individual contestant fees, charged per week! Well, you are sure going to be taken aback for a moment! Starting from Sangram to Elli to Tanisha, each inmate is been paid in lakhs per week! Take a look! And surprisingly, check the top-paid ones! It's none other than Tanisha and Gauhar crowning the high priced seat! So now you know what's for real and what's for reel? Well, seems like everything has a price, conditions apply! What say viewers?