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    Cooking - How to Make Chocolate Icing for a Cupcake

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    We're going to show you how to become a cupcake pro!

    For the dark chocolate ganache you will need :
    - 100 g of liquid cream
    - 100g of dark chocolate

    Once the cream boils, pour it over the dark chocolate, which you have already broken into very small pieces, which helps it to melt easier into the boiling cream. Now we mix gently.

    Stir, ideally with a whisk, small or large, as the result is better. We will obtain a very smooth preparation. Otherwise, you can also do it with a spoon or a spatula. And there you go, our ganache is ready.
    For a successful icing, allow your ganache to cool. Dip the top of your cupcake into the ganache. Make sure the surface of the cupcake is completely covered in ganache. Next, lift the cupcake out of the ganache, making circular motions with your hand so the drops of extra icing will fall off.

    Once your cupcakes are finished and iced, you can decorate them with little flowers, candies or anything else you can imagine to give your cupcakes the look that you want.

    Now you know how to prepare a chocolate icing. Find other tips for decorating your cupcakes on Pratiks !