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    DEBATE - East China Sea: Beijing Blinks First

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    American, Japanese, and now South Korean aircraft have flown over the East China Sea - that's their response to a new air defence zone decreed last Saturday by Beijing around islands disputed with Japan. As Washington and Tokyo stage long-planned joint manoeuvres in the area, and China responds with its own naval exercises, those waters are getting rather crowded. How genuine are regional fears of an escalation, or an accident, that could trigger a conflict?

    Laixiang SUN, SOAS China Institute;
    Jean François DI MEGLIO, President of the Asia Center;
    Yannick MIREUR, Political Scientist;
    Halla MOHIEDDEEN, France 24 journalist.

    Produced and prepared by Sara Bertilsson, Haxie Meyers-Belkin, Diaraye Bah
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