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    ODB - Brooklyn Zoo (Live)


    by jekyllah

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    I'm the 1-man army, Ason
    I've never been tooken out
    I keep MC's lookin out
    I drop science like girls be droppin babies
    Enough to make a nigga go cra-a-azy
    Energy buildin takin all types of medicines
    ur ass thought u were better than
    Ason I keep planets in orbit
    While I be comin with teeth bitin more shit
    Enough to make ya break and shake ya ass
    Cause I create
    rhymes good as a Tasty Cake, mix
    This style I'm mastered in
    Niggas catchin headaches
    what? What? u need aspirin?
    This type of pain u couldn't even kill with Midol
    Fuck around get sprayed with Lysol
    In ur face like a can of mace, baby
    Is it burnin? Well fuck it, now u're learnin
    How I don't even like your motherfuckin profile
    Give me my fuckin shit, CH-CH-BLAOW
    Not seen and heard, no one knows
    U forget, niggaz be quiet as kept
    Now u know nothin; before u knew a whole fuckin lot
    Ur ass don't wanna get shot
    A lot of MC's came to my showdown
    To watch me put ur fuckin ass lo-o-ow down
    As u can go, below 0
    Without a doubt I've never been token out
    By a nigga, who couldn't figure
    Yo by a nigga, who couldn't figure(x2)(Brooklyn Zoo)
    How to pull a fuckin gun trigger
    I said, "Get the fuck outta here"
    Nigga wanna get too close, to the utmost
    But I got stacks that'll attack any wack host
    Introducin, yo FUCK that nigga's name
    My hip-hop drops on ur head like ra-a-ain
    And when it rains it pours, cause my rhymes hardcore
    That's why I give u more of the raw
    Talent that I got will riz-ock the spot
    MC's I'll be bur-r-rnin, bur-r-rnin hot
    Whoa-hoa-hoa! Let me like slow up with the flow
    If I move too quick, oh, u just won't know
    I'm homicidal when u enter the target
    Nigga get up, act like a pig tryin to hog shit
    So I take yo ass out quick
    The mics, I've had it my nigga, u can suck my dick
    If u wanna step to my motherfuckin rep'
    CH-CH-BLAOW! BLAOW! BLAOW! Blown to death
    u got shot cause u knock knock knock
    "Who's there?" Another motherfuckin hardrock
    Slackin on ur mackin cause raw's what u lack
    U wanna react? Bring it on back