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    Cat Named 'Owlbert' Resembles Owl

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    One feline in Philadelphia, adeptly named Owlbert appears to look like an owl.

    Nature has a great sense of humor. One feline in Philadelphia, aptly named Owlbert appears to look like an owl.

    The grey and white long-haired kitty has a few notable features, one of which is a moustache. What makes him stand out the most though is the coloring of his fur and his striking yellow, piercing eyes that would make you think they were taken right from an owl.

    His owners set up a Facebook page to share photos of the bird resembling cat and it proved to be quite a hit. The social media page now has over 2,000 likes.

    An online video starring Owlbert has also garnered thousands of views and comments from fans. The kitty’s owners stated “Owlbert is a dapper cat with a flair for the debonair.”

    They also chronicled his life story on Facebook. Surprisingly, Owlbert didn’t always have a happy life. In 2012, Owlbert was discovered in a cardboard box at a local construction site.

    He was recued and soon adopted to be an office cat at a veterinary office, but he didn’t seem to like the noise so he was placed in a quiet domestic home, which is where the now famous kitty still resides.