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    China claims new air defense zone, U.S. says 'snap!'

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    It's China vs Japan and the U.S. again, and China isn't winning.

    China thought all it needed to do in its diplomatic dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands with Japan is to just draw lines around the area and claim it as its new air-defense identification zone. "Not so fast" said the U.S. Air Force, which just flew two unarmed B-52s straight through the middle of the zone without notifying China, totally ignoring Beijing's warnings of military action against aircraft that did so.

    While China has deployed a semi-operational aircraft carrier into the South China Sea in a separate maritime dispute with the Philippines, the U.S. made sure to send not one, but two fully-operational carrier battle groups to the other side of the air-defense identification zone to honor its treaty with Japan.

    Japan, meanwhile, ordered Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines to not follow the instructions China demands of aircraft that enter the zone.

    Speaking of Japan, the recent change in tax policies that was ushered in when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office last year is helping fund uptick in military spending. Along with drumbeating about changing Article 9 in the Japanese constitution from a clause that calls for pacifism to a clause that supports maintaining a standing military, Abe was also seen this past summer christening a new advanced battleship for the JSDF Naval Fleet in Yokohama.

    It all makes us here at NMA wonder what other technology will the Japanese employ to protect their claims to the disputed territory in the East China Sea.

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