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    Thanksgiving Travel Tips: How To Avoid The Chaos


    by IBTimesTV


    While the East and West Coasts continue to be battered with the brunt of late fall weather many are left in a panic as travel for the holidays just got more complicated. Wednesday is going to be the most difficult day for travel. Dozens of flights have been cancelled, and the weather has caused the roads to be extra dangerous, not to mention the problems of traffic.

    If you are flying out this evening or tomorrow it is best to arrive for domestic flights 2 hours early, and 3 hours for international will help. Also do what you can to check in online and consider carry-on luggage. Many flights have been delayed or cancelled so check in with the airline that you are flying with.

    The best time to beat the traffic by car is to leave early on Thanksgiving morning. By then the weather will have eased making for a more pleasant journey.

    Over 43 million Americans are jumping on a train, bus, car or plane to travel for thanksgiving. While the time getting from point A to point B is never easy you can use these simple tips to make the journey easier. In essence the holidays are about being prepared and punctual when it comes to travel and always remembering the number one rule which is safety first. Happy Thanksgiving!