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    DEBATE - Punish the Prostitute or Fine the Client?

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    France may be about to turn the tables on the illicit sex trade, by shifting the burden of responsibility from the prostitute to the client. Politicians are divided on both sides of the aisle over the best way forward. And it's not just France. Germany is having serious second thoughts over its decision to liberalise the sex trade. What happens when prostitution is legalised? Should France punish the prostitute or fine the client?

    Pauline ARRIGHI, Member of 'Osez le Féminisme ('Dare Feminism')';
    Gil MIHAELY, Columnist and Co-founder,, which published a petition against the bill;
    Cari MITCHELL, The English Collective of Prostitutes;
    Max WALTMAN, Specialist in prostitution and pornography, Stockholm University;

    Produced and prepared by David Boratov, Haxie Meyers-Belkin and Diaraye Bah
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