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    Black Friday And Cyber Monday Battle It Out For The Best Bargains


    by IBTimes


    With many stores opening at Midnight on Thanksgiving, it may not surprise you that this holiday is just as exciting for its sales on Black Friday as it is for Turkey on Thursday. But before you brave the cold, and skip the pumpkin pie to be first in line, here are the best times for your holiday bargains. But is Black Friday even the best time to shop?

    But is Black Friday even the best time to shop?

    Cyber Monday is also a big day for shoppers, and the shopping can be done in the comfort of your own home. But when the two big shopping days stand side by side, who comes out on top? Nadine Deninno discusses the top gifts and items to buy this season and when the best time is to shop.

    The most popular items for the holiday season are toys, televisions, video games, clothes, hardware, homewares, jewelry, and appliances. With many keen to grab a steal before Christmas it is important to understand if it is the best time to buy, and when should you buy, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

    What may surprise you is that some of these items, like jewelry for instance shouldn’t be bought on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Rather, the best time to buy for that special lady is in fact Valentine’s Day. Shoppers beware: as the words ‘Sale’ ‘Discount’ ‘Clearance’ tantalize the bargain hunter in you, be sure that you are getting a great deal.