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    The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition Clevver Review


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    The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition Clevver Review
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    This summer's The Wolverine was a fan favorite bringing in $416 million worldwide at the box office, but is it a movie that is a "must have" for your home entertainment collection? The Wolverine became the second highest grossing film in the X-Men franchise, and I can understand why because I was more than impressed with how director James Mangold handled Wolverine's story. It's my favorite Wolverine film I've seen yet and I thought it had some great action sequences, there were several comedic moments, and well..if you want my full rundown, you can check out my full review in the description below. I was recently invited, however, to attend a never before seen special cut of the movie called The Wolverine: Unleashed Extended Edition and it definitely raises the Wolverine bar and will be available to all of you if you decide to purchase the DVD/Blu-Ray which will be available on December 3rd. The movie is the first ever uncut version of an X-Men film, and I think it goes without saying that if a superhero movie is rated R, it's always a bonus. Yes, there is more mature and colorful content (Wolverine drops several F-bombs throughout), but where it really counts are in the action scenes where you really get to see the damage that adamantium claws can really cause. The fight scenes have both more action and more blood and while it's hard to breakdown the specifics of exactly how much more, you definitely notice the difference. The flow of the movie works better in the extended version too. There are a few moments between Wolverine and Mariko and he and Yukio which definitely help build their relationships a bit more, which is always nice because superhero films can quickly become all about the fight scenes. One thing that I was hoping to see was a little more screen time for The Viper! I didnt really notice much of that in the extended version which was a real bummer because I really thought that that villain was super underutilized. But all in all, I definitely think having an uncut version is really the way to go to really satisfy the die hard fans. So, who out there is definitely going to be picking up a copy of The Wolverine on DVD/Blu-Ray come December 3rd? Let us know, and as always you can chat all about it with us over on Twitter and Facebook too at ClevverMovies. From our studio in Hollywood, Im Erin Robinson, and I will see you next time.

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