Maddened by his Absence / J'enrage de son absence (2012) - Trailer

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Directed by : Sandrine Bonnaire
Produced by : Mon Voisin Productions
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 38 min
French release: 31/10/2012
Production year: 2012

After ten years, Jacques comes back to France to handle his father’s succession. He had left France to live in the USA to escape a painful past he shared with Mado, his former wife, who in the meantime, built a new life with Stéphane and their 7 year old son, Paul. Upon his return, Jacques and Mado meet again; he asks to meet her son Paul; Mado hesitates, then accepts but hides it from her husband. Soon, Paul and Jacques get close and they start to see each other secretly.

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