PiePal Device Allows Pizza Delivery With the Push of a Button

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Washington, D.C based, iStrategy Labs recently launched a device called PiePal, which allows take-out lovers to order a pizza with the push of a button.

While it's relatively easy to order your pizza online or over the phone these days, there's always room to make it even more painless.

A Washington, D.C based business, iStrategy Labs recently debuted a device called PiePal, which allows take out lovers to order a pizza with the push of literally just one button.

PiePal works with the restaurant chain Dominos Pizza. The chief marketing officer for iStrategy Labs stated “We just used their ordering infrastructure because they have the most sophisticated online ordering structure of any of the major pizza chains. So anyway, you create an account with us and key in your mailing address and billing info, and select the one order you want to get over and over and over again."

The PiePal device works over a Wi-Fi signal. Once the nearest Domino’s location receives the order, the preferred pizza is made and quickly delivered to the button pusher’s address.

The gadget is not yet up for purchase as it's a working prototype, but anyone interested in using the PiePal right away can sign up with the company to become a Beta taster.

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