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    New Innovative Scooter Design Has Compartment for Cargo

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    Kubo is a new scooter and pickup truck combined thanks to a huge storage compartment.

    Driving a scooter gets you from point a to b quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

    Despite the bonuses of operating one, there is one major setback – they can’t carry too much, at least not until now.

    A new Kickstarter project unveils the kubo. Basically, it’s a scooter and pickup truck combined. Its compact size allows the driver to get around the city with ease, but there is an additional storage space in between the seat and the front wheel which is for precious cargo.

    The two wheeled electric scooter is the brainchild of San Francisco based company Lit Motors. The vehicle is capable of carrying 300 pounds of cargo in the designated space which is outfitted with rails, loops and tie down hooks.

    It has a range of 50 miles per charge and can travel at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The designers behind the kubo stated “It's a fun, easy way to get around the city, regardless of the terrain or how much you're carrying with you.”

    How do you like the concept?