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    Puppy Called "Adolf" Because of Striking Resemblance to Hitler

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    One ridiculously cute 7-week-old pup in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom has a rather unique quality about him.

    All puppies are extremely adorable. One ridiculously cute 7-week-old pup in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, however has a unique quality.

    His real name is Patch but not too many people are calling him that. Instead, he has earned the nicknames of “Adolf” and “Hitler” because of the striking resemblance between the pooch and the German dictator.

    The mix breed French bulldog slash shih tzu puppy has a mostly white face, but there’s a dark spot of fur right near his left ear, mimicking the signature Hitler hairdo. He also has a brown section of fur right around his lip, making it appear as though he has a straight moustache.

    Patch’s owner Lynda Whitehead stated “He is a lovely little thing. All of them are, but he is the gentlest of them all. He will sit on your lap and just look at you, until he falls asleep. One of his brothers should be Hitler, he has the attitude.”

    Despite his contradicting temperament, Patch is now responding and obeying orders when called “Adolf” or “Hitler”. What do you think of the resemblance between the pup and Hitler?