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    Omni Hotel Rewards Homeless Man Who Returned Lost Wallet

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    by Geo Beats

    A homeless man in Atlanta, after finding a wallet in the trash, went from hotel to hotel to find its owner and is now being rewarded for his good deed.

    When Joel Hartman of Atlanta was searching through a trash bin for something to eat, he came across the wallet of a French woman.

    Still inside were a credit card and an ID. Guessing the woman was a guest in the city, he went from hotel to hotel until he located the one at which she was registered.

    He handed the wallet over to a staff member at the Omni Hotel, gave a fake name, and then left.

    For the next two weeks, workers at the hotel searched for the mysterious do-gooder, launching a public campaign to find him.

    They walked around with security camera photos of the man and alerted area shelters.

    Hartman was on the bus when someone spotted him and told him people at the Omni were looking for him.

    He returned to the hotel, where he was rewarded generously with a room for the Thanksgiving week, food, new clothes, and $500 in cash.

    The Omni is also establishing a fund to help the man get back on his feet.

    Hartman’s been living on the streets for months now, having lost his home shortly after his longtime girlfriend died.