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    Carol's Crazy Chinese: Fried Rice (炒飯)

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    Do you like Chinese food? Do you like Chinese style fried rice?? Find out what "fried rice" really means in Mandarin Chinese with Carol!

    As mentioned, today's lesson is all about "Fried Rice" (炒飯, Chao Fan)
    This lesson is all about fried rice (炒飯)
    Have you ever eaten tofu? Do you know why tofu plays such an important role in Chinese culinary history? Find out why tofu is so magical with Carol!

    Chinese: 炒飯 (Chao Fan)
    English: Fried Rice

    VO: I'm hungry.
    VO: What do you feel like today? how about some豆腐(Tofu)?
    VO: Oh I Know!!! 我要炒飯 (I want fried rice)!!
    VO: 炒飯 (fried rice) ?!

    Still have no idea what "Fried Rice" really means? Watch the video again!

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