DEBATE - Ukraine: Putin's Hard Bargain (part 2)

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This week was supposed to be all about Vilnius, where a European Union Eastern Partnership summit opens on Thursday. Ukraine was to be the big star as it sealed loans and closer trading ties with Brussels. That is, until Russia made a more appealing offer. Kiev's about-turn prompted the biggest demonstrations in the country since the pro-Western Orange Revolution of 2004. The iron curtain may be no more, but could Europe now be headed for another East versus West deep freeze?

Oleksiy PLOTNIKOV, Head of the European Center for a Modern Ukraine;
Sergei MARKOV, Director of the Institute of Political Studies;
Celestine BOHLEN, Columnist at International NY Times;
Florent PARMENTIER, Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris.

Produced and prepared by Anelise Borges, Haxie Meyers-Belkin and Diaraye Bah
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